Solving Accounting Problems For High Growth Companies.

Solving Accounting Problems For High Growth Companies.

Take your business where it’s never been before.

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Unleash the power of creative accounting

We are in an era of unprecedented disruption. Future CPA recognizes our clients need to work with an experienced CPA team for secure decision making — and to win in the changing landscape.

Organizations cannot settle for incremental efficiencies. Bring a futuristic CPA team on board to thrive. Future CPA refuses to settle for ordinary. We bring fresh perspective and innovative solutions to your financial challenges, turning mundane accounting into an exciting opportunity for growth and tax savings.

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David Hackett, CPA
David Hackett, CPA
Client CFO

“Unmatched expertise that has saved us thousands in taxes. Future CPA team delivers out of the box strategies that were lacking with our previous accountants”

Trusted by incumbents and trailblazers alike



BC Taxi Association

Token Toys

West Coast Farms

Palme School


Floss Creatives

Accounting, taxes, bookkeeping & everything else for


Companies. We help companies of all sizes by providing tailored financial services that navigate regulations and optimize their performance.


Investment Entities. We offer expert guidance to investment entities, helping them maximize returns, minimize liabilities, and make informed financial decisions.


Startups. Future CPA helps startups thrive by providing specialized accounting and advisory services, facilitating financial precision and fueling innovation.

Individuals: We are dedicated to individuals, offering personalized financial services that secure their futures and help them achieve their goals.

Partnerships & JVs. We provide strategic financial guidance to partnerships and joint ventures, optimizing profitability and facilitating smooth operations.


Non- Residents. Our comprehensive tax and financial services for non-residents navigate the complexities of global taxation, ensuring compliance and facilitating their financial affairs.

Clients located across Canada in




British Columbia








New Brunswick


Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

From coast to coast, Future CPA is the go-to choice for businesses across Canada seeking top-tier accounting and financial services.

Learn more about our work through case studies


Future CPA consistently surpasses client service expectations with their unwavering commitment, going above and beyond to provide exceptional support. Their profound tax knowledge empowers clients with accurate insights and comprehensive solutions, ensuring optimal financial outcomes.


Andrew Ahachinsky, Owner, Palme School

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We are making a Difference

What Makes Future CPA Powerful

Our team stands out due to our innovative approach to accounting, exceptional client service, and commitment to delivering measurable results that help you achieve your financial goals.


100% Online

From Canada’s west coast to east coast, we will work with you from the comfort of your favorite sofa.

Fast Response

Reach out to us and you will get response within 24 hours. You avoid the big firm red tape.

Personalized Service

We offer tailored financial solutions and build meaningful relationships to make you stand out from the competition.

Accessible Pricing

We deliver top notch services that are priced competitively, but that doesn't mean we compromise on quality.

Unlimited Support

Our support is always free, and we're available whenever you need us.

Specialized Strategies

We take keen interest in our client financials and always strive to unearth out of box tax strategies.

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“ Accounting is no longer just about balancing the books, it's about using numbers to tell compelling stories that drive success and change the game. ”

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